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A robust measurement system for all levels of motorsport

Reliable dynamics data for all motorsport applications

Accurate, precise, reliable data is key to gaining a competitive edge in any motorsport. Good quality measurements of orientation, accelerations, and slip angle are vital to ensure the vehicle is handling correctly. Whether you are developing a new vehicle, setting up a vehicle prior to an event or whether you need real time telemetry during a race, you need data you can rely on.

OxTS has decades of experience supplying data for vehicle dynamics and works with teams at the highest levels of motorsport including Formula 1 and World Rally Championship. Through our close partnership with these teams, we have adapted our products to cope with the unique demands of any motor racing environment.

Why use an Inertial Navigation System?

Unlike alternative solutions such as optical sensors, inertial measurement systems are not affected by track conditions such as standing water, paint, or reflective markers and so gives you data you can trust more of the time.

Accelerometers and gyroscopes in three dimensions give you a complete picture of the behaviour of your vehicle at up to 250Hz. At less than 500g, the RT1003MS is smaller and lighter than most traditional optical sensors and can be mounted anywhere – keeping the exterior clear to maximise aerodynamic performance.

Explore our products for Motorsport

RT1003 v2

Ready for challenging GNSS environments

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Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

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Configure, monitor and post-process with ease.

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Software and Plugins

Our software solutions support the use of OxTS products delivering key functionality including configuration, data display, analysis and troubleshooting as well as post-processing.

What's more, OxTS devices are compatible with leading Data Acquisition systems including Dewesoft, Dewetron and Vector.

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