Tailored training courses

Product training

Best practice training, tailored to you

We provide on-site courses – basic and advanced – for our entire product portfolio.


Learn from our experienced support team

Our training courses aim to leave you fully proficient in the operation of your OxTS system. We share best practice and tailor the content to your specific use case. We’ll either visit you on-site or we can hold a training event at our offices here in the UK. At the end of your specified number of training days, you’ll have picked up the necessary experience to allow you to install, configure and operate your OxTS system confidently, so you can collect accurate and reliable data when you need it.

Hands-on approach

Our systems can be used in a variety of useful ways. From our experience, the best way to learn about these is to get hands-on. Our training can include additional topics on fault-finding and data analysis techniques. If you have a subject you’d specifically like to focus on, then just let us know. While the course is structured, there is plenty of time built-in to allow for discussion of principles and techniques that apply to your individual projects.

Basic and advanced training available

If you’d like us to to train new members of your team who haven’t worked with OxTS systems before (or in some time), we can provide training courses tailored to their job role and expertise level. Whether it’s ADAS testing using RT-Range S involving multiple vehicles or post-process support for data collected with our survey and mapping products, there’s a training course that can work for you.





Delivered by an experienced support engineer

Basic and advanced options to suit your budget

Hands-on with your equipment

Training on configuration, trouble-shooting, data collection and analysis

Outcome focused – helping you get the data you need


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