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Survey and Mapping Applications

Efficient and reliable georeferencing solutions for land, air and marine applications

Intelligent inertial navigation systems for survey and mapping applications

Geospatial information is a valuable commodity in the modern world, with more and more being collected for use in a wide range of industries. The most efficient way is with a mobile system which can cover wide areas in short periods of time.

Whether the mode of collection is land-based, aerial, or marine, our robust GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems (INS) provide accurate georeferencing data around the world.

OxTS’ INS solutions are trusted by companies across a myriad of industries worldwide to capture precise measurements for survey and mapping applications.

OxTS Survey Products

OxTS Survey products have been developed to serve multiple applications, across a wide range of industries.

  • The RT3000 v4 INS is our flagship INS. Its highly accuracte, reliable measurements are ideal for mobile and manned aircraft mapping applications.
  • The OxTS xNAV650 INS is our smallest, lightest and most affordable INS to date. Despite its small size, which makes it ideal for UAV based mapping applications, the xNAV650 doesn’t compromise on performance.
  • OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight tool, is our own proprietary LiDAR georeferencing software solution. Using OxTS Georeferencer, surveyors can quickly and easily fuse the navigation data from their INS device with the raw LiDAR data from a wide range of LiDAR sensors to create a georeferenced pointcloud.
  • NAVsuite is a complimentary addition to every INS purchased from OxTS. The suite of applications allows users to configure, monitor, analyse and post-process their INS data.

RT3000 v4

For when where matters most

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Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

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Survey+ v3

The same performance as the RT3000 v3, tailored for mapping applications.

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OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer

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NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping

Configure, monitor, post-process and analyse your survey data with ease using NAVsuite software applications

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Explore our survey and mapping applications

Learn how our innovative inertial navigation systems help to capture precise georeferencing measurements for a range of UAV, mobile and aerial mapping applications.

OxTS LiDAR Survey

Georeference LiDAR data with ease with OxTS' survey-specific inertial navigation systems

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Mobile Mapping

Inertial navigation systems (INS) and software for land-based mobile mapping

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Drone survey

A balance of price and performance in a lightweight package for limited payloads

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Aerial Mapping

Direct georeferencing from the air. Accurate position on the ground.

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What Our Customers Say

“MicroPilot is pleased to work with OxTS. Integrating their INS solutions helps us to create a better performing system for our customers.”

Howard Loewen, President, MicroPilot




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