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Integrated INS solutions for your product developments

Bringing a new technology or product to market is a significant challenge. However, if your innovation needs to accurately capture position, orientation and dynamic measurements, OxTS can help.

We partner with manufacturers, from start-ups to large OEMs, across a myriad of industries, to integrate our INS technologies directly into their products.

We partner with you
When it comes to inertial navigation, OxTS has the expertise, the experience and the proven technologies – and you can lean on all of this to bring your products to market, faster and more cost-effectively, through our integrated INS solutions.

Get ahead of your competition
With OxTS’ integrated INS solutions, our customers have been successful in developing and launching ground-breaking products, enabling them to soar ahead of their competition.

Specialist Integrated Solutions Team
Our specialist integrated solutions team is here to discuss the inertial navigation capabilities your product requires and recommend which of our specific integrated INS products best meet your needs.

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No matter what inertial navigation capabilities your product requires, the solution lies with OxTS.

With OxTS’ integrated solutions, you can go to market with a product powered by our high-performance inertial navigation technologies.

We currently offer three reliable, flexible and proven INS solutions for product development integration – the OEM3000, the OEM1000 and the xOEM1000.

Customise your chosen OxTS integrated product to meet your specific needs and budget. With the ability to turn features on or off and scale the product functionalities up or down, you can ensure that you only pay for the specific feature set your product requires.

OEM3000 v3

Our highest performance INS for product integration

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Budget-friendly, compact INS for space-constrained products

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The lightweight, compact, customisable INS board set

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Application Engineering Support

OxTS are continually pushing the boundaries of inertial navigation and working together we can overcome any obstacle or challenge you are experiencing.

During the product integration process, if you find you have additional configuration or development requests, our Application Engineering team are here to work with you to achieve the capabilities your product needs.

OxTS team INS inertial navigation system experts

Generic Aiding

To learn more about easily integrating multiple sensors into your development project to ensure navigation in any environment, explore the benefits of Generic Aiding.

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Download the OxTS Integrated brochure

To learn more about our capabilities, expertise and solutions for product integrations, please download our OxTS Integrated brochure.

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Get in touch

To discuss your bespoke integrated solution requirements, please call +44 (0) 1869 814 253 or submit an online enquiry.
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