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What Our Customers Say

We're proud to count the world's leading automotive OEMs and suppliers and surveying and mapping innovators among our long-standing customer base.

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Recommended by the world's leading companies

Over the past 20 years, OxTS have firmly established ourselves as the global leaders in inertial navigation. As a result, we have become the trusted INS solution provider for some of the world’s best known companies and innovators in the automotive and surveying and mapping industries.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it! Below are testimonials from a selection of our established customers in both the Automotive and Surveying and Mapping industries, many of whom we have long-standing relationships spanning several years.


Surveying and Mapping

“Using the OxTS command line system, we have been able to create a highly accurate and automated post-processing tool. This has enabled us to process data from our global fleet, which are continuously collecting data throughout the year, and without OxTS’s command line system this volume of manual data processing wouldn’t be possible.”

Jonathan Ahlstedt, Developer Ground Truth Systems, Zenuity

“I have worked with OxTS in my position as vehicle engineer in two Euro NCAP accredited labs over the past 5 years. We use OxTS INS solutions as they not only provide great accuracy and ease of use but also because of the aftercare and service we receive.

OxTS solutions are essential components for a successful vehicle test facility, especially for our ADAS Testing and Autonomous Driving activities.”

Wesley Hulshof, ADAS Technical Expert, TASS International

“The RT3003 is used for highly accurate position, velocity and acceleration data. The technology provides repeatable output in various challenging environments.”

Nisha Nagarajan, General Motors

The device was OUTSTANDING!

When we didn’t have RTK base stations or Verizon connectivity there was still a substantial amount of time when we were able to engage the ACC and sometimes lane keeping without the RTK corrections. Without RTK we often still maintained an accuracy of 20-30 cm. Jacob and I were beaming and were very excited to present this at the Drive World conference.

Sara Sargent, Engineering Project Manager, VSI Labs

“The Survey+ has proved to be the perfect solution for us. It’s all about accuracy. We explore all kinds of technologies all the time, but looking back, the purchase of the Survey+ was really a pivotal point for us.”

David Reed, Managing Director, Track Access Services

“MicroPilot is pleased to work with OxTS. Integrating their INS solutions helps us to create a better performing system for our customers.”

Howard Loewen, President, MicroPilot

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