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OxTS has grown rapidly over the last few years and we are looking for distributors to join our network. At OxTS, we have dedicated ourselves to developing industry-leading GNSS-aided inertial navigation technology. Since 1998, our products have been used and trusted world-wide for all applications where reliable, continuous position information as well as highly precise orientation data matter. Our successful business model has always been our inhouse expertise combined with that of our valued channel partners/distributors.

OxTS Benefits

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Talk to us about becoming one of our global OxTS channel partners.

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Leverage our expertise

Within the automotive industry, we’re trusted to capture position, orientation and dynamics data for ADAS testing, autonomous vehicle development, vehicle dynamics analysis, and motorcycle testing. We also provide a robust measurement system for all levels of motorsport, and technologies for indoor automotive testing.

Our efficient and reliable georeferencing solutions for land, air and marine applications have rapidly expanded our customer base in the aerial mapping, mobile mapping and UAV-based mapping sectors.

And when customers need bespoke solutions and expert advice to support them in bringing to market a new technology or product, OxTS integrated INS solutions ensure they can measure with confidence.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced inhouse support team are on hand to provide technical advice and training, as well as demonstrations, a support website and regular webinars.

OxTS has always invested heavily in R&D, and our team of expert engineers are dedicated to continuously exploring new technologies, and new applications for them.

As we grow, we’re seeking new distributors to find new markets for our technologies.

Become an OxTS distributor

Talk to us about becoming one of our global OxTS channel partners.

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Access our global partnerships

  • OxTS Inertial Navigation Systems provide a critical piece of the ‘navigation jigsaw’ our customers need. Through strategic partnerships with leading complimentary technologies, OxTS helps customers to build full navigation solutions.
  • OxTS partners in the survey market with many other well-known and trusted technology brands such as Velodyne, Zoller & Frohlich, Ouster, and Hesai. And system integrators such as 3D Target, SkyCorp and Dronezone.
  • For automotive testing our products are proven to work well with AB Dynamics, Humanetics, DEWESoft, DEWETRON, and other well-known brands.


OxTS partners


Distributor benefits

There are many advantages to becoming an OxTS channel partner. Our valued distributors gain:

  • Unrivalled presales and ongoing technical support
  • Product training from our expert team
  • Attractive product lines with generous commission on sales
  • Special discounts to support demo unit purchases
  • Reliable products with low failure in the field, and accredited inhouse service and repair team available when needed
  • High quality as standard: OxTS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company and OxTS’ calibration services are ISO 17025 accredited
  • Efficient Oxford-based production processes with sub-4 week delivery lead-times
  • Multiple product enhancements released throughout the year, to stay ahead of competition and win more sales
  • Over two decades of INS + GPS experience
  • Stability: OxTS has had the same owners since 1998
  • Marketing support for lead generation, including exhibition attendance, press releases, email campaigns, and advert templates
  • Weekly sales leads, plus enquiries generated by our own marketing campaigns are shared/forwarded
  • Protected investment through deal registration
  • Incentives and rewards


Distributor/partner requirements

In exchange for the above-mentioned support and benefits, OxTS requires the following from our channel partners:

  • Meet (or virtually meet) monthly for market updates
  • Invest in and maintain demo stock items
  • Participate in exhibitions/events and other lead gen activities

Our Commercial Manager, Urszula Druett, oversees our channel partner onboarding programme to ensure that new partners receive the high quality training and support they need to maximise RoI on our partnership.

“Our partners are experts in their chosen markets and work to extend the reach of OxTS products, for our mutual benefits. I’m proud of the long-lasting relationships we’ve developed and maintained with our partners, in many cases lasting almost two decades now.”

Urszula Druett,
OxTS Commercial Manager

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