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OxTS Georeferencer: now with anyNAV!

OxTS Georeferencer – now ready for any INS

Originally developed for use with OxTS navigation data only, OxTS Georeferencer is now available to use alongside any INS, thanks to the new anyNAV feature.

OxTS Georeferencer will now also take the navigation data from a third party INS (position, heading, pitch/roll etc.) and allow users to quickly and easily georeference raw LiDAR data from multiple sensor families. The resulting data can then be viewed in many pointcloud viewer software packages.

OxTS Georeferencer unlocked process map

Furthermore, users of OxTS Georeferencer, will now also be able to take advantage of the boresight calibration feature irrespective of the INS and LiDAR combination they’re using.

The boresight calibration tool, allows users to quickly, easily and accurately align the coordinate frames of their LiDAR and INS, to eliminate pointcloud blurring and double-vision.

Request a free 14 day trial license of OxTS Georeferencer and use the anyNAV feature to create an accurate 3D pointcloud using your own navigation data.


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Case Study: Klau Geomatics

Klau Geomatics, an Australian geospatial innovation company, required a way of boresighting the sensors on a new aerial surveying and mapping payload they were developing. Once boresighted, they then needed to somehow georeference the data to create an accurate pointcloud.

They turned to OxTS to help them create a solution that would ‘bridge the gap’ between their LiDAR data and non-OxTS navigation data.

Read the case study here to learn how they did it.


Read Case Study

Klau geomatics case study image

Webinar - Creating pointclouds with non-OxTS navigation data using OxTS Georeferencer

Recently, OxTS Product Engineer, Jonathan Deacon, and Klau Geomatics Director, Rob Klau, got together to discuss the latest version of OxTS Georeferencer and the new anyNAV feature.

During the short 30 minute webinar, Jonathan and Rob spoke about how OxTS Georeferencer has given Klau Geomatics the ability to easily boresight their survey payload and quickly georeference their LiDAR data – subsequently bringing their own product up to a functional level.

By watching the recorded webinar, you will be able to:

  • See the pointclouds that Klau Geomatics have been able to produce using OxTS Georeferencer alongside their NovAtel navigation device and Hesai LiDAR sensor
  • Understand how you could use GNSS/INS data from a provider of non-OxTS navigation data to create accurate georeferenced pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer
  • Learn more about what’s coming in the next version


Watch the Recording

On-demand demonstration

OxTS Georeferencer is now available to work with any navigation data.

Users of OxTS Georeferencer, with the anyNAV feature enabled, can now boresight their payload and georeference their LiDAR data using their own navigation data.

The software is simple and intuitive to use, allowing LiDAR surveyors to create accurate pointclouds in minutes.

Watch the short on-demand demonstration and learn how you can use your navigation data to create accurate pointclouds in minutes.

Register now to watch the demo.



Klau Geomatics Boresight Calibration - in action!

Previously only compatible with OxTS navigation data, the upcoming release of OxTS Georeferencer allows users to georeference LiDAR data using their own third party navigation data.

Furthermore, the boresight calibration feature within OxTS Georeferencer can be used to align the coordinate frames of the chosen third party INS, and LiDAR sensor, eliminating blurring and double vision from the resulting pointclouds.

Here OxTS customer Klau Geomatics demonstrate before and after boresight calibration results using non OxTS navigation data alongside a Hesai LiDAR sensor with this short pointcloud fly-through video.

Now you can use the INS you have already invested in, while gaining access to the features OxTS users benefit from, including:

  • Georeferencing tool
  • Boresight calibration
  • Filtering and processing options
  • 3D hardware setup viewer
  • And more…

If you’re interested in seeing OxTS Georeferencer work with your data, get in touch.

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