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Drone Survey

A balance of price and performance in a lightweight package for limited payloads

Measure time, position, orientation for direct georeferencing

We provide a range of one-box GNSS/INS solutions capable of measuring position, heading and orientation for direct georeferencing for commercial UAVs.

Our solutions are equipped with inputs and outputs that can be directly interfaced to remote sensing equipment while we also offer bespoke technology integration and consultancy with LiDAR OEMs and system integrators.

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Discover our INS solutions for unmanned aerial mapping. Featuring tightly-coupled GNSS and IMU and supported integrations with LiDAR OEMs including Velodyne, Z&F and Riegl, OxTS inertial navigation systems are widely regarded for their application in unmanned aerial vehicle based mapping applications.

Each of our products comes with our comprehensive NAVSuite software suite which enables key capabilities including post-processing while technical support and integration guidance and bespoke technology integration and consultancy is available from our expert team.


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

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xRED3000 – OEM board

for when competitive advantage matters

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OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer

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NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping

Configure, monitor, post-process and analyse your survey data with ease using NAVsuite software applications

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Case Study: UAV Bridge Survey

Dronezone Datasheet

OxTS Partner Dronezone were tasked with scanning an aging railway bridge to identify potential weaknesses in its structure.

Once they made the decision to survey the bridge using a UAV, there were a number of challenges they faced, specifically around payload weight, flight time, data processing, pointcloud accuracy and more.

Read the case study and learn how they overcame them.

Webinar: Improving LiDAR Surveying Applications with a data-driven approach to hardware set-up

OxTS Webinar Image

Earlier this year we presented a webinar where we discussed using data for boresight calibration. During the webinar attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Learn why this calibration is so important.
  • Understand how adopting a data-driven technique to calibration can help you streamline operations and increase ROI.
  • See example before and after calibration results.

The webinar was recorded and you can watch it back here.


Inertial Navigation Software

Our software solutions support the use of OxTS products delivering key functionality including configuration, data display, analysis and manipulation as well as post-processing

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