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OxTS ROS Drivers

Seamlessly integrate OxTS inertial navigation systems into wider ROS networks


The ROS (Robot Operating System) provides open-source libraries and tools to help software developers create autonomous and robotic applications. The OxTS ROS Driver provides an interface for OxTS INS products, such as the AV200, and decodes the NCOM output to provide position, velocity, orientation and other navigation data in the ROS message format for consumption in a wider ROS network. 

The interface allows developers to easily integrate the OxTS systems into their stack and utilise the combined GNSS and IMU sensor fusion for precise position, localisation, and dynamic control. 

Where to download 

OxTS ROS 2 Driver:

The OxTS ROS 2 driver, developed and maintained by OxTS, is available here:

Download ROS 2 driver

ROS 1 driver:

For ROS 1 compatibility, a ROS 1 driver developed by Dataspeed Inc. is available here:

Download ROS 1 driver


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