Capture ADAS test data in real-time with RT-Range software suite

RT-Range Software

Capture ADAS test data in real-time from one laptop


The RT-Range PC software helps engineers to configure accurate ADAS test scenarios using RT-Range systems, and display range measurements in real-time in several formats. From one laptop you can monitor the range data being logged from your Hunter vehicle and up to four Mobile Targets. You can survey lanes and feature points on your proving ground and create 2D profiles (polygons) of your vehicles to enable precise vehicle-to-vehicle range calculations.


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Lane Survey and Map Creation Wizard

The RT-Range Lane Survey Wizard helps to accurately survey lane markings and use them to generate map files. Whilst presenting real-time data relevant to the surveying process, it also provides visual feedback on the lanes and survey points collected. The RT-Range system then uses the data in real-time to measure and output its own position relative to the measured lanes. There are many uses for this, but it is especially useful for the objective validation of lane departure warning systems.


Real-Time Display

The Real-Time Display module in the RT-Range software provides users with all the real-time information they need, from simple numeric digital displays through to a full Birds-Eye-View Display of the Hunter vehicle and every Target within the test area. Using the RT-Range polygon features, users can measure the closest two points between two objects. This is a popular feature for park-assist system development and cross-junction ADAS testing.


Post-processing Wizard

This is a tool for extracting and calculating lane position measurements and Hunter/Target measurements using NCOM files. The processed measurements can also be exported in CSV format to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to working with your data.