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Automotive Products

Delivering the industry gold standard in automotive inertial navigation systems

Experts in automotive measurement systems

In nearly every form of automotive testing there is a need to measure where a vehicle is, how it’s oriented and how it’s moving in every axis.

OxTS products have been capturing that information for automotive manufacturers around the world for many years now, and that’s one of the reasons our products are widely used as the benchmark standard in industry for capturing vehicle testing.

Since 1998, engineers have been using our inertial navigation products to capture reliable, accurate data for multiple vehicle tests including ADAS testing, dynamics testing and autonomous vehicle sensor validation.

Explore our INS products

Our inertial navigation systems are used by more than 90% of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Delivering precision measurements and premium performance at affordable pricing, OxTS are the industry’s first choice for capturing accurate vehicle testing measurements.

RT3000 v4

For when where matters most

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RT3000 v3

The industry standard GNSS/INS for ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing

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RT1003 v2

Ready for challenging GNSS environments

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RT500 v1

The entry-level INS for slip angle measurement and brake testing

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Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane testing capability with the RT3000 series

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We’ve developed a range of accessories to help you to get the most out of your inertial navigation system and work faster, more accurately and reliably.

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Software & Plugins

Our software solutions support the use of OxTS products delivering key functionality including configuration, data display, analysis and troubleshooting as well as post-processing.

Software & Plugins
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