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Software and Plugins

Easily configure, monitor, analyse and post-process your OxTS data with our software and plugins.

Time-saving, performance-enhancing software for your OxTS system

Wherever you are using your OxTS Inertial Navigation System, and whatever you are using it for, collect the data you need with confidence.

With OxTS software, you will have everything you need to:

  • Be up and running in no time. Use NAVconfig’s straightforward wizard to take the hassle out of configuration.
  • Have certainty in your test procedures. Use NAVdisplay to monitor the data that matters in real time.
  • Make more informed decisions, faster. Allow NAVsolve to correct and extract the measurements that matter. You can then use NAVgraph to view, analyse and edit your data with just a few clicks.
  • Automate your post processing. With our NAVsolve CMD application you can bring post-processing into your automated eco-system for a no touch solution.
  • Streamline your testing ecosystem. Make use of purpose-built plugins to seamlessly integrate your OxTS data with Dewetron, Dewesoft and Vector.

For ADAS testing, you’ll be able to use the specialist applications in the RT-Range Suite to:

  • Conduct precise, end to end ADAS testing. Whether Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Lane or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, with the RT-Range Suite, it’s never been simpler.

And if you’re in the survey market, you can make use of OxTS Georeferencer to:

  • Create highly accurate, georeferenced Pointclouds.

Explore our Software


Configure, monitor and post-process with ease.

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RT-Range Suite

Supporting ADAS engineers with V2L and V2V scenario testing.

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Applications for automation

Creating automated, ‘no-touch’ solutions.

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OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer

Learn more

NCOM data communication

For the efficient communication of navigation measurements and other data, OxTS has designed a data format, called NCOM, utilised in many of our products. It is a very compact format and only includes core measurements, which makes it particularly suitable for inertial navigation systems.

Users can freely develop custom-written software for specific needs and applications, and we provide a description of the NCOM format to support this. OxTS also provides code written in C that can decode NCOM, and includes routines to rotate many of the outputs into different co-ordinate frames.

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Integrations with DAQ systems and other platforms

Want to monitor your tests using other software? Make use of a free plugin to integrate your OxTS device with the other platforms in your testing ecosystem.

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What our customers say

“Using the OxTS command line system, we have been able to create a highly accurate and automated post-processing tool. This has enabled us to process data from our global fleet, which are continuously collecting data throughout the year, and without OxTS’s command line system processing this volume of data wouldn’t be possible.” Jonathan Ahlstedt, Software Developer, Zenuity

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