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LiDAR Survey

Georeference LiDAR data with ease with OxTS' survey-specific inertial navigation systems

LiDAR surveying with OxTS

The latest OxTS INS devices have been developed with LiDAR surveying in mind.

When considering hardware requirements for LiDAR surveying, getting the best navigation data is absolutely crucial. It will affect the resulting pointcloud – often more so than the choice of LiDAR equipment.

OxTS offers a range of suitable INS navigation devices that provide accurate and reliable inertial data for your LiDAR survey.

  • Navigation Data – Our INS devices output survey-grade navigation data that will give you accurate, centimetre-level absolute positioning so pointcloud surveying can be reliable and repeatable. Our IMU sensors offer orientation measurements that will maintain pointcloud accuracy at long distances.
  • Interfacing – As well as the traditional PPS, OxTS is proud to offer Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on all INS devices that allows for simple over-ethernet time synchronisation with compatible LiDAR sensors.
  • Georeferencing – We offer our georeferencing and calibration software, OxTS Georeferencer, which can georeference data between an OxTS INS and a compatible LiDAR into a finished pointcloud. It also offers the ability to calibrate the angles in your hardware setup and analyse the accuracy in every point of the cloud.
  • Confidence – OxTS has experience working with a range of LiDAR manufacturers covering all budgets and target applications.

Georeference data from almost any LiDAR sensor with ease.

Our range of survey-specific Inertial Navigation Systems provide LiDAR surveyors with the position, timing and inertial measurements needed to confidently georeference pointclouds from almost any LiDAR sensor.

Using our LiDAR georeferencing software OxTS Georeferencer, LiDAR surveyors can quickly and easily integrate our highly accurate measurements with raw LiDAR data to create a georeferenced pointcloud.

By georeferencing pointclouds using OxTS Georeferencer LiDAR surveyors can streamline the survey process by:

  • Decreasing LiDAR survey set up time
  • Improving survey repeatability
  • Enhancing the clarity of final results

XNAV650/Velodyne VLP-16 pointcloud

Pointcloud created using an OxTS xNAV650 INS, OxTS Georeferencer and a Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR

You can download OxTS Georeferencer here and you can practice using it with these data files.

Explore our products

Our INS solutions for LiDAR survey deliver accurate and reliable inertial measurements for use in a wide range of applications.

Each OxTS survey-specific INS provides absolute position, timing and inertial measurements that you can use to integrate into your projects.

Survey+ v3

The same performance as the RT3000 v3, tailored for mapping applications.

Learn more


Robust performance in an economical package
(Ethernet and Serial)

Learn more

OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

Create clear and concise pointclouds with OxTS Georeferencer

Learn more

NAVsuite for Survey and Mapping

Configure, monitor, post-process and analyse your survey data with ease using NAVsuite software applications

Learn more

LiDAR Surveying Brochure

OxTS LiDAR Surveying

OxTS inertial navigation systems provide users with absolute position and highly accurate inertial measurement information. This information allows them to georeference pointclouds from multiple LiDAR sensors.

These measurements help increase survey repeatability, cut down the time to survey, intelligently analyse data, improve final results and increase project ROI.

Read the OxTS LiDAR Surveying brochure to find out more.


Read Brochure

Case Study: UAV Bridge Survey

Dronezone Case Study

OxTS Partner Dronezone were tasked with scanning an aging railway bridge to identify potential weaknesses in its

Once they made the decision to survey the bridge using a UAV, there were a number of challenges they faced, specifically around payload weight, flight time, data processing, pointcloud accuracy and more.

This case study details how they overcame them.


Read Case Study

Technology partners

Our technology partners are integral to the work we do. By working closely with complimentary LiDAR technologies, we are able to help deliver a full survey solution of INS, georeferencing software and LiDAR sensor.

We have done all of the difficult integration work so you don’t have to!


A global leader in LiDAR technology

Learn more


High-resolution LiDAR sensors

Learn more

Velodyne Lidar

Highly accurate LiDAR solutions

Learn more

Zoller & Fröhlich

Leading supplier of 2D and 3D terrestrial and mobile laser scanners

Learn more


There are multiple applications for which the inertial measurements from an OxTS’ survey-specific Inertial Navigation System can be used.

Below are some of the most common examples, however there is an almost limitless number that we can help you address.

If your application isn’t listed below, let us know and we will be happy to talk about your specific use case.

Road survey

Conducting a long baseline survey such as that of a road, can be difficult to accomplish, however that is not a problem for an INS offering absolute global positioning.

Using an INS alongside a LiDAR sensor for this application can have numerous benefits including pointcloud error estimation and improving survey repeatability.

Contact OxTS to discuss my road survey project

Road Survey

BIM pointcloud

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

An INS allows building survey repeatability, with a high degree of detail in a 3D model.

Fusing the data from the INS with the raw data of a LiDAR sensor will enhance the clarity of the final output, enabling a clearer indication of areas that require further inspection.

Contact OxTS to discuss my BIM project

Infrastructure survey

Surveying physical infrastructures such as a railway bridge is critical to ensuring the safety of those using it. Where safety is involved the accuracy of the measurements received takes on a new level of importance.

Using an INS alongside a LiDAR sensor to produce a 3D model of a bridge will ensure that every centimetre of the structure is mapped and that the measurements of the final output are the best possible quality.

Contact OxTS to discuss my infrastructure survey project

Infrastructure survey

LiDAR survey support

OxTS is proud to provide support to customers and businesses with their applications from before the sale, to gathering data and beyond.

As well as a dedicated support team that are on-hand to help with troubleshooting, we also have a team of product engineers and experts to help get your application underway.

Furthermore we have a support website with a number of helpful articles, some of which you will find here:

  • Hardware integration guide: Riegl – The Riegl hardware integration guide provides invaluable information regarding integrating you Riegl LiDAR sensor with an OxTS INS.
  • PTP quick start guide – The PTP quick start guide explains how to set up an OxTS INS as a PTP master.
  • Webinars – This section contains a number of support webinars conducted by OxTS support staff on a wide variety of helpful topics.

If there is a particular topic or application you would like to speak with us about that isn’t listed here please contact and we will be happy to help.

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