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Software & Plugins

Our software and partner plugins allow you to configure, monitor, analyse and post-process your data for all OxTS products and applications

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Software for your OXTS system

We provide the software applications you need to support your OxTS products. From configuring the device and monitoring data in real-time, to analysing and post-processing for the most accurate results possible, you can use NAVsuite for both automotive and survey and mapping applications. If you are an ADAS test engineer then the RT-Range Suite provides you with tools to setup and run your tests with a variety of options.

We also understand that different eco-systems come with different requirements and that’s why we partner with leading software integrators and acquisition system manufacturers. This includes Dewetron, Dewesoft and Vector, to give you the streamlined solution you need.

Explore our software applications

Learn more about our software applications and plugins and download the latest releases.

Available to download via our Customer Support Centre, NAVsuite , RT-Range suite and OxTS Georeferencer can be use alongside our INS hardware to improve performance.


Configuration tool for your OxTS product

NAVconfig is our universal configuration tool for OxTS products. NAVconfig allows you to set up your inertial navigation system and create a specific configuration file for your chosen test environment and hardware bundle. You can create unlimited configurations both online and offline, and even extract configurations from previous data collections. NAVconfig is available automatically when you download NAVsuite.

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Monitor your navigation data in real-time

NAVdisplay presents the data captured by your OxTS device in real-time. It is customisable, so it can be used in a variety of ways and you only see the data you care about the most. There are simple performance monitoring templates through to bespoke utilities with trigger inputs. NAVdisplay is available automatically when you download NAVsuite.

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Tool for reprocessing and improving navigation data

NAVsolve is our powerful post-processing application. Once you've collected your data, NAVsolve provides a number of technologies designed to quickly extract the measurements you need with the minimum amount of effort. As well as adding differential corrections to measurements, NAVsolve can automatically read multiple RINEX files and show a preview of raw data before processing, which is a huge time saver when processing longer journeys.

For challenging environments, our forwards/backwards processing algorithm and single-satellite aiding technology, gx/ix™, also help to improve accuracy. NAVsolve is available automatically when you download NAVsuite.

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For plotting, analysing and exporting your navigation data

NAVgraph is our tool for viewing, analysing and editing measurement data. As well as reading OxTS formatted data and displaying it in graphical form, NAVgraph can also export data in a number of formats. Because inertial navigation system files are often large, NAVgraph has been optimised to preserve system performance even when very large files are loaded and multiple measurements are displayed. NAVgraph is available automatically when you download NAVsuite.

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RT-Range Suite

End to End ADAS testing with RT-Range

The RT-Range software enables Engineers to configure accurate ADAS test scenarios with the OxTS RT-Range system. Engineers can survey lanes to generate map files, configure detailed 2D profiles of the Hunter and Target vehicles, as well as map up to 12 independent sensor points and their field of view on the Hunter vehicle. Alongside real-time monitoring systems and a post-processing application, the RT-Range software provides precise Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Lane and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure measurements for end to end ADAS testing. Learn more about RT-Range Suite download icon
RT-Range Suite

OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool

LiDAR georeferencing and boresight calibration software by OxTS

OxTS Georeferencer is a tool developed by OxTS to combine INS trajectory data with raw LiDAR data to create a boresighted, georeferenced, 3D Pointcloud. Thanks to our experience in calibration techniques, we have been able to develop a solution that helps system integrators and end users to start their work with confidence that their INS and LiDAR hardware has been installed precisely and accurately.   Learn more about OxTS Georeferencer download icon
OxTS Georeferencer and Boresight Tool
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