Survey+ INS/GNSS

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High performance ITAR free GNSS/INS

Fully integrated GNSS+inertial technology with flexible upgrade options for robust georeferencing from the air or on land.

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Survey made simple

Installation and configuration is made easy with simple and intuitive software wizards to speed up the process. For permanent installations, set it up once and you never need to touch it again, letting you focus completely on the task at hand. Seamlessly integrate with external sensors such as LiDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras to provide accurate roll, pitch, and position data for direct georeferencing. The included software suite gives you the tools you need at each step of the process, from configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing, and analysis. All of the components are ITAR free for maximum flexibility when operating in multiple countries.

Great performance, great value

The integrated RTK capable GNSS receivers and tactical-grade MEMS IMU ensure the Survey+ delivers exceptional performance in all conditions. With all cables, antennas, and even a comprehensive software suite included, you get everything you need at a cost-effective price.

Maximising performance

Land based mobile mapping faces issues of limited GNSS in urban canyons, under tree cover, and face obstructions with bridges and tunnels. Supporting technologies in the Survey+ help maintain the best possible performance in all environments. Minimise position drift during outages with combined forwards/backwards processing in our free post-processing application NAVsolve. Add an odometer for extra velocity updates in the Kalman filter to help when stationary or slow moving. Ensure as much of your data as possible is within spec with our gx/ix tight-coupling technology, which speeds up RTK reacquisition times and can maintain RTK level performance even in high multipath environments and poor satellite visibility.

Fit to your needs

The Survey+ series has a range of options and upgrades for you to customise based on your application and budget requirements. The entry level Survey+ L1 provides a low cost option when sub-metre positioning is sufficient, or the Survey+ is available with dual frequency RTK for centimetre-level accuracy. GLONASS support, dual antenna, increased 250 Hz output rate, and gx/ix RTK post-processing are available to suit your requirements.


Georeferencing in mobile mapping solutions with LiDAR, 360° cameras, ground penetrating radar, and others.

Direct georeferencing from manned aerial platforms.

Eliminating the requirement for ground control points.


Survey+ user manual Download

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ParameterSurvey+Survey+ L1
PositioningGPS L1, L2
(with supported systems)
GLONASS L1 (on supported systems)
Position accuracy1.5 m SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
0.1 m PPP
0.01 m RTK
1.8 m SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
Velocity accuracy0.05 km/h0.1 km/h
Roll and pitch accuracy0.03°0.05°
Heading accuracy0.1° (single antenna)
0.05° (dual antenna)
0.1° (single antenna)
0.05° (dual antenna)
Operating temperature-10° to 50° C-10° to 50° C
Vibration0.1 g²/Hz, 5–500 Hz0.1 g²/Hz, 5–500 Hz


Tactical-grade ITAR free IMU protects against GNSS signal dropout.

Heading accuracy not affected by magnetic disturbances.

Dual antenna GPS/GLONASS for accurate heading in all conditions.

Upgradable features designed to grow as and when needed.

Supported integrations with Riegl, Z+F, Specim, Point Grey, Phase One, and other sensors.

Event inputs and distance-based output triggers.

Free comprehensive software suite including post-processing.