Support Contract

300_200_supportcallHere at OxTS we take support very seriously. Our customer support is dedicated to helping you get the most value out of your product. Software is continuously being updated and improved, providing you with more accurate and flexible systems. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent support and will work with customers until issues are resolved or a solution is identified.

Benefit from software updates
Support contracts are designed to keep your equipment and software up to date—allowing you to benefit from new features as they’re developed as well as provide unsurpassed technical support for your products and applications.

Get the latest features as they are released
As new features are introduced to our products we will update your PC software and firmware as part of the Support Contract. Customers on support contracts are able to take advantage of new features as they are introduced.

Technical support
We also pride ourselves on delivering excellent technical support via email and telephone to customers who have taken out a support contract. We aim to respond to technical issues as quickly as possible when you are on a support contract. Our support team will work with you until we have either resolved the issue or identified a resolution to your problem.

Fault finding
Our telephone and email support includes fault diagnosis and help in connecting your product to other equipment. We also offer remote support options via TeamViewer or can analyse your RD files in our office.

Configuration advice
We also provide help on configuration. Describe how your OxTS GPS/INS system is mounted in your land/air/sea vehicle and we will suggest a suitable configuration for you to use.

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Software Maintenance
Benefit from all new features as they are released
Keep up to date with latest software releases
Remote support options
Telephone Support
Email Support
Fault Finding
Configuration Advice
Bundle contracts for multiple systems available

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