Find out how the RT3002 helped ADAC to test emergency braking systems


Find out how the Inertial+ helps WSP to survey a vast network of roads in Sweden


Find out how the RT2500 helps major car manufacturers in the world to test their vehicles


Find out what makes the RT-Range the preferred solution for ADAS testing


Find out how the xNAV200 provides a cost-effective solution for airborne scanning with UAVs


Find out how our GPS/INS systems can be used with driving robots for autonomous tests

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OxTS designs and manufactures world leading products combining the best of Inertial Navigation and GPS/GNSS. We focus on low-cost INS using MEMS gyros and precision accelerometers. Our Kalman filter extracts the maximum information from GPS to deliver high accuracy measurements and low drift rates. We are a small company dedicated to designing simple to use products that deliver reliable results and we back it up with first class service and support.


Vehicle Dynamics
Accurately measuring the position, slip-angle, orientation, velocities and accelerations of a vehicle during dynamic testing isn’t easy, let alone synchronising those measurements with real-time CAN data. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…

ADAS Testing
The test and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as collision warning, lane departure and optical recognition systems requires large amounts of accurate data from multiple targets to be available to a single source in real-time. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more


Mobile Mapping
From surveying open-cast mines and quarries to mobile mapping among inner-city buildings, accurately measuring position and orientation can be a problem for GNSS systems when working in and around canyons, tree-cover and tunnels. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…

Rail Surveying
Bridges, overhead equipment, vegetation and especially tunnels make precision rail surveying almost impossible using GNSS-only systems as they can’t reliably measure position and orientation when satellite signals are blocked. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…

Aerial Survey
High accuracy position and attitude measurement systems used to georeference aerial survey data can be expensive, heavy, slow to install as well as complicated to operate—making it hard to deliver a cost-effective service to customers. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…

Finding a sensor small and light enough for the new breed of ultra-small UAVs, but capable of measuring attitude and position with enough accuracy for precision georeferencing is a real challenge. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…

Enhanced GNSS
GPS and GNSS systems frequently suffer a number of subtle problems like multi-path, satellite black-out, insufficient update rates or the antenna not being at the required measurement point. They also can’t measure orientation. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…


System Integration
Sourcing a cost-effective yet accurate GNSS-aided inertial navigation system to discreetly integrate into your own solutions—but with the support and backup to ensure the project is delivered on-time is hard. OxTS products solve this problem for you. Read more…


Coda Octopus is our main but non-exclusive representative for the marine industry. More detailed information on OxTS marine products can be found on Coda Octopus website.

Educational Research
Academic budgets are rarely big enough to do all you desire, so choosing the right GNSS-aided inertial navigation device for your department, while controlling the costs is especially important. OxTS products solve this problem for you. Read more…

Autonomous Vehicles
GNSS-only systems can provide the position and heading accuracy required in autonomous vehicles, but don’t work well in anything but open-sky conditions. This can lead to jumps in position and limit the capabilities of the vehicle. OxTS products solve these problems for you. Read more…


The Inertial+ gives us accurate position data in our mobile mapping projects. A reasonable purchase price also ensures a quick return on investment.”


Magnus Larson
WSP, Sweden

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The RT3000 family combines precision Angular Rate Sensors and navigation grade Accelerometers, a survey grade GPS receiver and an Advanced Navigation Computer to form an Inertial Navigation System aided by GPS in one very compact box. Originally designed for automotive engineers to measure the behaviour of vehicles, the RT3000 is equally applicable to a variety of other markets and applications.

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