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Power-user performance for all with the new NAVdisplay beta

Product News January 7, 2021


Upgrade to NAVsuite 3.1 now and say hello to power-user performance with the new NAVdisplay beta.

Following a fundamental redesign to deliver an intuitive NAVdisplay dashboard, it’s never been easier to see what your OxTS device is seeing.

A familiar interface, improved

The updated NAVdisplay beta interface introduces a host of usability improvements whilst retaining the essence of previous iterations. It means experienced users will find their NAVdisplay experience both familiar and smoother, whilst others will find it a much more intuitive application to pick up for the first time.


“We wanted to retain the essence of the NAVdisplay interface, which many users are familiar with, whilst making the whole application easier to use for everyone. I’m pleased we’ve achieved that.”
Pete Rylands, OxTS Product Manager.

With the new NAVdisplay beta, it’s easier for users to:

  • Create and edit templates thanks to more accessible customisation functionality and an improved drag and drop experience.
  • Find and use all functionality with straightforward navigation of the new ribbon interface.
  • View all stream data in one place by connecting to a particular device.
  • Make the best use of limited screen space by collapsing the toolbar and toggling between different dashboards.

Tailored to you

The new customisation options in the NAVdisplay beta make it easier to view the data that matters, when it matters.

With the new NAVdisplay beta, users can create:

  • Custom measurements
    If the measurement you need isn’t one of over 600 already built into NAVdisplay, you can now create it with just a few clicks. If you’re going to need it regularly, mark it as a favourite to have easily accessible in the new “quick access” section.
  • Custom graphs and charts
    Put the units you care about on the axes of graphs and charts. Experienced NAVdisplay users will likely know that, until now, they’ve been limited to visualising data as line graphs with “time” on the x-axis. Now, users can display data in bar charts too and the units on both axes can be whatever is needed.
  • Measurements to suit you
    Have a more intuitive name for a NAVdisplay measurement? Change it. Found a measurement you’re not likely to use? Hide it. With the new “Measurement Manager” tool, you can make the NAVdisplay defaults your own.

Custom measurements


“With so much data available to users, we’ve tried to make sure they have the control to see what matters and hide what doesn’t. The new customisation options give users more control over what they see, and how they see it, than ever before.”
Pete Rylands, OxTS Product Manager

Zero in on the moments
that matter

NAVdisplay users often want to separate the key moments from the rest of the data. The Test & Save utility has long been the way to do this; creating separate data files of individual test runs and other key moments. Test & Save returns in the NAVdisplay beta and it has never been easier to use.

“We want our users to measure with confidence. So, my goal is for everyone to be a power-user, regardless of their experience. NAVdisplay beta is a big step in that direction.”
Pete Rylands, OxTS Product Manager.

With the improved Test & Save utility,
users can:

  • Create tests ahead of time using a simplified five-step wizard to configure the necessary start/stop conditions and other parameters. You can use these tests again and again; simply load the test, connect your device and begin the run.
  • Avoid the delay and hassle of manual analysis on the proving ground. After each run, the new “at a glance” pass/fail report provides instant verification on whether your data meets requirements.
  • Capture separate data files on demand with the new “Quick Record” feature, on the Tools ribbon. No prior planning needed, just click “Record” and go.

Test and Save

Ready to try the NAVdisplay beta?

On-demand webinar:
Demo of the NAVdisplay beta.

With Pete Rylands, OxTS Product Manager.

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