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OxTS RT3000 v3s compatible with VBOX indoor positioning systems

Industry Articles June 1, 2023

Today, OxTS is pleased to announce the release of VIPS 2GAD; offering OxTS RT3000v3 users another integration option for GNSS-denied navigation. Much like Pozyx 2GAD, this solution enables the use of ultra-wideband to limit drift when GNSS isn’t available. In this instance, the ultra-wideband aiding comes from the VBOX Indoor Positioning System (VIPS) and will be compatible with RT3000 v3s.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) aiding enables OxTS INS users to accurately determine a vehicle’s location in areas where GNSS signals are unavailable. UWB aiding uses a series of anchors, set up around an indoor space, to track the position of tags mounted to the exterior of the subject vehicle(s). OxTS INS fuse the UWB navigation updates with data from our high-grade inertial measurement units (IMU) to maintain accurate position, orientation and dynamics data in the absence of GNSS satellites.

The addition of VIPS 2GAD, alongside Pozyx 2GAD, aims to give OxTS users even more flexibility when outfitting their testing infrastructure. Simon Thompson, Director of Core Markets for OxTS, says:

“Around the world, our customers rely on the robustness of OxTS data to validate test results. As those tests take them into new environments, it’s crucial that they can take the tools they trust with them. We recognise the need to offer customers as much flexibility as possible, and that’s why alongside the OxTS recommended solution of Pozyx2GAD, we can now offer those customers who wish to use the VIPS system a method for continuing to use the RT3000v3s for testing.”

Julian Thomas, Managing Director at Racelogic, adds:

“the ability for UWB technology to deliver centimetre-level accuracy in GNSS-denied spaces, while remaining flexible and portable, is significant for the future of vehicle testing. We’re excited to support automotive test engineers everywhere to use their OxTS INS indoors”.

If you have a requirement to take your testing indoors using the RT3000v3, please contact us.

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