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RTK accuracy without having to pay for expensive post-processing software

Application Notes October 5, 2018

Need data as accurate as possible in challenging environments, but don’t have the budget or space for a cumbersome FOG IMU?

The OxTS gx/ix™ processing technology can help. It’s our own RTK processing engine as well as a tightly-coupled integration of the GNSS and IMU. Using a base station for corrections, you can achieve cm-level RTK accuracy and get much improved performance in GNSS obstructed areas.

Maximise position accuracy in urban environments using gx/ix™

Environments such as urban canyons, bridges, and tree cover can be a nightmare for GNSS-based systems due to multipath, reduced satellite visibility, and complete outages. The tight-coupling of the GNSS and IMU with gx/ix means that even when fewer than 4 satellites are visible, the raw GNSS data from any available satellites is still integrated into the navigation solution to provide updates and greatly reduce position drift.

Example data sets – Robust RTK coverage in urban environments

San Francisco example data

Downtown Seoul, S.Korea, March 2018 – 92% of the data reported RTK Integer position mode using gx/ix

gx/ix dataset San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, USA, October 2017 – 91% of the data reported RTK Integer position mode using gx/ix

Access full sample data sets

Sign-up to gain full access to these two data sets and find out more about how to maximise data performance in urban environments using OxTS systems.

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