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Webinar: Overcoming the sensor fusion struggle

Webinars November 22, 2023 Online

Are you building a product that needs to know where it is?

Will your customers’ applications use that product in a range of different places?

If so, your product’s ability to navigate anywhere is a critical factor in its commercial success. In our experience, sensor fusion is the commercially viable way to deploy products at scale.

During this webinar, OxTS’ Application Engineer, Joseph Hallett, spoke about how the latest OxTS innovation – the OxTS Generic Aiding Data (GAD) Interface can help you create a navigation engine that is built for purpose.

By watching the recorded webinar you will learn more about:

  • What GAD is and how can it help you overcome your sensor fusion challenges
  • Proving the sensor fusion concept with the OxTS ‘Jackal’ robot
  • Choosing the right sensor for the right environment


Watch the Recording

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