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Webinar: LIO – The launch: constrain position drift in urban canyons using LiDAR

Webinars October 5, 2023 Online

NAVsuite 3.9 and LIOAt 14:00 hrs (BST) on Thursday, 5th October, join OxTS Head of Product – New Technology, Paris Austin as he officially launches the new LIO feature from OxTS.

During the session we will discuss the challenges associated with open-road vehicle testing and explain how LiDAR data can be used to aid navigation performance on the open-road, and mitigate errors caused by multi-path and complete GNSS signal outages.

By joining the webinar you will learn more about:

  • Why accurate open-road navigation can be challenging
  • How a sensor fusion approach using LiDAR can help
  • The potential improvement you can expect to witness

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your navigation capabilities.

Register today and join your fellow experts in learning more about the new LIO feature from OxTS.

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Cupertino, US