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Webinar: OxTS Georeferencer 2.6 is here – now with batch processing!

Webinars July 6, 2023 Online

OxTS Georeferencer is a simple and easy to use LiDAR data georeferencing
and boresight calibration tool
. The software contains many features that help
to streamline the survey process and increase productivity.


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Version 2.6 sees the introduction of batch processing. Batch processing allows surveyors to process multiple navigation (.CSV and .NCOM) and LiDAR (.LCOM and .PCAP) files simultaneously.

Earlier this year, OxTS Associate Product Manager, Jonathan Deacon, explained how batch processing can improve LiDAR survey productivity and also how you can now use OxTS Georeferencer with your existing navigation data to boresight your payload and georeference your data.

During the webinar Jonathan spoke about:

  • Improving survey productivity with batch processing
  • How you can leverage your existing navigation sensors with the anyNAV feature
  • What the future holds for OxTS Georeferencer

You can watch the recording of the webinar by following the link here.


Watch the Recording


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