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Support for alternative coordinate systems in post-processing

Software Releases March 12, 2015

300_250_EllipsoidWith the latest NAVsuite release the ETRS89 ellipsoid will be available as an alternative reference coordinate system in post-processing. This was initiated in response to a customer request and shows OxTS’ commitment to supporting our customers in the survey and mapping industry.

Our software is now capable of outputting latitude, longitude and altitude in different coordinate systems than WGS84. With this NAVsuite release we have added ETRS89 which is required for survey work in Europe, NAD83 which is the standard for North America as well as ITRF2008.

This can be selected in the “Coordinate system properties” window on the “Options” page in NAVconfig.

For more information on this new feature or our latest software release please contact us.

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