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GPS-Base software release

Software Releases September 16, 2010

OxTS has extended the capabilities of the GPS-Base to support GLONASS. Two new GPS-Base models, the GPS-Base-20G and the GPS-Base-2G will compute corrections for both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. The new PC software is required in order to make use of the GLONASS signals.

The specific features added to the GPS-Base software include:

  • GLONASS support through RTCA2 message (and RTCM V3)
  • RTCM V3 corrections support
  • Logging RTCM V3 corrections to disk
  • 64-bit Windows support

The traditional RTCA correction message output by the GPS-Base and the RT-Base does not support GLONASS. OxTS has introduced a new message, RTCA2, which supports the GLONASS corrections seamlessly alongside the GPS corrections

To be more compatible with other manufacturers the GPS-Base software now supports the RTCM V3 correction standard. The RTCM V3 messages output by the GPS-Base also support GPS and GLONASS.

The logging capability of the GPS-Base has been extended so that it can log RTCM V3 messages. These will be used in the future for the development of OxTS’s future GPS processing algorithms but may also be useful for other applications.

The latest version of the GPS-Base software has been tested on both 32-bit and 64-bit windows operating systems.

The latest version of the GPS-Base software will not be automatically distributed to customers who have a GPS-Base since the new features do not impact the GPS-Base systems that we have sold. If you would like an updated copy of the GPS-Base software then please contact OxTS support.


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