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GrafNav version 8.3 support

Software Releases October 13, 2011

The latest version of RT Post-process supports GrafNav version 8.3. RT Post-process can call the GPS processing algorithms in GrafNav directly so that the user does not need to learn how to use GrafNav. The output of GrafNav is seamlessly merged with inertial data in RT Post-process.

GrafNav is a software package for post-processing GPS (or GNSS) data. Most RT products save the raw measurements from their GPS receivers to the RD file on the internal disk. RT Post-process extracts the raw GPS measurements and GrafNav combines them with base-station data. As a result the position of the post-processed GPS data can be 2cm accurate (or better in some conditions). GrafNav can process the data forwards and backwards in time so that accurate measurements can be made right at the exit of tunnels and bridges.

GrafNav version 8.3 uses the latest processing algorithms, which have faster and more reliable ambiguity resolution than the previous versions. This version is a major step forward compared to versions 7.6 and 7.8. Customers who have had problems obtaining good results using previous versions are encouraged to try the latest version.

GrafNav version 8.3 has been tried with RT2500 products too. These products can give results better than 1m in open sky conditions when post-processed using GrafNav. RT Post-process includes a suitable model for GrafNav so that the best results from each RT model can be computed.

For more advanced processing RT Post-processing still supports exporting the data so that GrafNav can read it in. Using multiple base-stations and adjusting the advanced settings can only be done from within GrafNav itself.

Unfortunately Novatel have not released the API for GrafNav version 8.2, so we are unable to support this version. RT Post-process now supports versions 7.6, 7.8, 8.1 and 8.3.


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