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gx/ix™ RTK – Quick RTK relock after obstructions

Software Releases January 30, 2015

180_180_gxixRTKThe gx/ix™ RTK optional upgrade has recently been improved and now includes inertially-aided RTK relock capabilities. When satellite signals are lost after obstructions like bridges or trees, RTK lock can be reacquired in a matter of seconds by using the inertial measurements to aid ambiguity resolution.

Usually when in RTK mode when the signal is blocked, RTK lock is lost and the process of reacquiring lock must be started from scratch, narrowing down from a wide area to resolve the ambiguities. With inertial relock, instead of having to start from scratch each time the signal is lost, the inertial measurements are used to reduce the area to look in the resolve the ambiguities, greatly reducing the time to reacquire RTK lock.

This means that after bridges for example, instead of taking 10, 20, or more seconds to regain full precision it only takes a couple of seconds, meaning a higher percentage of data acquired is at full accuracy. This is supported by our own post-processing software which is included free of charge with every product.

For an overview of OxTS technologies to overcome the most challenging GNSS environments, please click here…

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