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Receive reliable, consistent and highly-accurate inertial measurements for your self-driving projects

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An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that is capable of manoeuvring safely around it’s environment, without causing injury or damage to its surroundings, with little or no human interaction.

The first automated car was developed back in 1977, however testing began as early as the 1950s.

Fast forward to today and the vehicles use a range of sensors to enable them to identify and avoid any potential collisions. Some of the sensors used in development include LiDAR, radar, GPS, sonar, odometry and of course inertial navigation systems such as the OxTS xOEM3000 v3, OEM1000 and the xOEM1000 board set.

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The lightweight, compact, customisable INS board set

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Budget-friendly, compact INS for space-constrained products

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OEM3000 v3

Our highest performance INS for product integration

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Inertial Navigation Software


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