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Full list of Inertial+ software changes

Software Releases November 5, 2012

Here is the list of changes to the Inertial+ software for the release in November 2012.

Leica GX1230+ receiver integrated

The latest GPS receiver to be fully integrated into the Inertial+ is the Leica GX1230+ receiver. The receiver communicates with the Inertial+ using the Leica OWI (Open World Interface) proprietary protocol, which is available on the GX port of the Leica GX1230+. Using the Leica OWI interface improves the performance of Inertial+, compared to using standard NMEA, as it allows extracting more information from the receiver, such as vertical velocity. For more information on how to use the GPS receiver with the Inertial+ see the integration manual for the Leica GX1230+ or contact our sales department.

Inertial+ interface to Trimble BD920

The latest Inertial+ software release also features an interface for the Trimble BD920 receiver module. The Trimble BD920 is a GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS L1/L2 board with centimetre-level RTK positioning which has been specially developed for system integrators. Both the Inertial+ and the Trimble BD920 are predestined for use in vehicle-based and airborne mapping applications. Combined they are the perfect solution for all system integrators looking for continuous, jump-free position and high accuracy orientation data. To read more about the BD920 integration, click here…

GPPPS message output

With the latest software release the Inertial+ can now output NMEA GPPPS messages over the serial port. The GPPPS (Pulse Per Second) is a non-standard NMEA message which is useful for integrating the Inertial+ with other devices such as cameras or laser scanners. This message, which is especially useful for system integrators, contains useful information such as the PPS count, the UTC time of the current PPS, and other time-related information. Read more…
Installation conflict solved
In the latest Inertial+ Software Suite release installer we have removed the version conflict issue for Enginuity, RT Post-Process and Blended modules. The Enginuity, RT Post-Process and Blended files are shared between the RT Software Suite non-Microsoft installer and Inertial+ Software Suite Microsoft installer. Both installers check the version of the file during the installation process and only install the latest version of the files. The Microsoft installer keeps a record of the files that are installed and if the files (Enginuity, RT Post-Process or Blended) version are not same then it tries to reinstall the files of the version it expects, every time the user launches i+Config, Enginuity or RT Post-Process. This installation conflict is now fixed.

Inertial+ command to turn camera triggers on/off

Inertial+ can be configured to generate triggers at a user-defined travelled distance. With this release, the triggers can be turned on/off and the trigger distance can be changed on the fly using a command sent over the UDP port. For more information about this feature please contact OxTS Support.

Publisher certificate
Our OxTS software installer files now have the certificate to verify to our users that Oxford Technical Solutions is its known publisher.
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