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MDL Dynascan uses Inertial+

Product News July 14, 2010

Mobile scanning takes a huge leap forward with the introduction of the Dynascan from MDL. The Dynascan is a complete scanning solution, in one box, at a price that opens new markets.

At the heart of the Dynascan is an OxTS Inertial+ navigation system, aided by a Trimble SPS461 GPS receiver. The Inertial+ is so easy to operate that a driver doesn’t need to know that it is there. The Inertial+ outputs directly to the Dynascan software using a robust Ethernet connection. A dual-antenna option is available to keep the heading accurate and is especially useful in slow moving applications.

Using the Trimble SPS461 means a local base-station or an NTRIP base-station can be used. The NTRIP base-station does not need a survey so scanning can start immediately at remote sites. The Inertial+ can also be post-processed using some GPS receiver solutions so that CORS reference stations can be used.

The Dynascan is easy to fit too. The Inertial+ is mounted inside so there is no need to fit it separately. The Dynascan can be pre-calibrated so that bore-sight alignment does not need to be done after installation. It measures impressive 36,000 points per second with a range up to 150m and an accuracy of 5cm.

The data speaks for itself. The edges are straight, the lampposts are vertical and there are no jumps in the scanned data. This is data while on the move; there is no setup time and you can just drive up and start scanning.










































































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