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OxTS customers can now use local geoid coordinate systems

Software Releases March 12, 2015

300_200_GeoidOur latest software suite now supports locally defined geoids in post-processing. OxTS customers working in cartography, topographic mapping and other GIS applications can now work with local geoid coordinate systems.

We have enhanced our NAVsuite to provide configurable EGM2008 geoid support. Currently OxTS offer altitude output with reference to either the WGS84 ellipsoid or the EGM96 geoid. Some cartographers however may work with different coordinate systems such as a local geoid. By adding EGM08 geoid to the post-process output we can support users who require alternate options.

The first example is a geoid covering Spain and Portugal, which is a further adjustment from EGM08.  The EGM08 geoid and some variations (EGM08 REDNAP) will be available as a reference for altitude in post-processing. Our customers can download the geoid definition file from our website. There is also scope to make more geoids available to download and use in the future in addition to EGM08.

For customers already familiar with our software

The “Altitude” option in NAVconfig is now called “Coordinate system”. If you click the “…” button the “Coordinate system properties” window opens (see below screenshot).
















When “Geoid custom” is selected the browse box appears. This allows our customers to load in a custom geoid file in order to use local geoids as a reference. The geoid definition files will be available to download from the OxTS website. In this release we are implementing the EGM2008 and EGM2008-REDNAP geoids. We are planning to make additional geoids available in the future.

This new feature is available with the latest software release, which can be obtained if you’re on a support contract.

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