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OxTS launches new 2cm accurate member of RT2000 family

Product News March 13, 2010

OxTS is releasing the RT2002 inertial and GPS navigation system, a cost-effective component for testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Combined with an OxTS RT-Range system, RT2002s can be used as a reference for radar, LIDAR and other sensors that are used for accident avoidance. Straight and curved roads can also be surveyed and then used to compute lane position. Used by itself the RT2002 is a reference for automatic parking applications.

Since the RT2002 can relate all its measurements to the heading direction of the radar, it will work equally well on curved and straight sections of road. This overcomes the problem GPS has, which always has the slip angle as an error. On curved roads GPS cannot give the correct lateral range.

Using new, cost-effective technology, the RT2002 is able bring the price point of a complete RT-Range package closer to a GPS solution while still maintaining all the benefits that an inertial navigation system brings. As well as solving the heading-slip angle problem, the RT2002 benefits from 100Hz or 250Hz update rates; low (3.5ms) latency; using roll and pitch angles calculations; having all the outputs delivered in real-time using the CAN bus; etc.

The RT-Range, coupled with our RT3000 and RT4000 products, is already used worldwide for verifying the accuracy of ADAS sensors. By combining the new RT2002 with the RT-Range you will get a comprehensive, highly accurate and yet cost-effective ADAS testing solution.


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