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RT-View software release February 2012 – Full list of changes

Software Releases February 6, 2012
Full list of RT-View software changes – February 2012

Here is a full list of the software changes in the February 2012 software release.

RT-View internationalisation

German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese translation language files are included with the RT-View. We expect to add even more languages in future releases. You can select your language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of RT-View.

Print module modified

to print on available printers on network (or save to file).

Transfer of Display layout between Display Tabs

(for example Display Tab Page1 can be transferred to Summary page) without the need of going through the process of Save the Display layout of the tab to Template file and load the template on different Display Tab.

Improved Graph Configuration usability

All Y-axes are enabled so the user can select a Y-axis between 1 to 8 to plot a measurement. Measurements displayed are always in the same order as previously viewed (line number columns on the measurement tab are not necessary and removed). New measurements added are listed at the bottom of the list and the same applies when a new NCOM or RCOM file is loaded into RT-View.

Improved region selection to work with multiple files

The new Display Tab created from the region selection will always carry all the files (NCOM, RCOM) and its measurements even if a file is not within a region; this is to improve the use of the Display Template file when transferring Display Layouts between Display Tabs.

Manage global templates button

Tool bar has extra button to manage global template files. On click of the manage global template (T) button file browser will pop up allowing user to delete Display Template files.

Old Display Template files

Added modification to RT-View to work with old Display Template files, allowing user to make use of old template files.

Added delete icons to display tabs

Improved the graphical interface to delete Display Tabs on RT-View. Apart from the Summary display tab, all display tabs now have a delete icon which allows the user to remove the display tab by clicking on the delete icon.

Short cut keys

All tool bar buttons have short cut keys.

Following bugs have been fixed:

  1. Map colour of files is read correctly from the display template file.
  2. Export to csv file did not work correctly for RCOM file due to a missing check condition; added fix.
  3. Display of the cursor tabs were not aligned correctly and corrected.
  4. Drop down combo box for the list of display template files looks and works the same way as the combo box for the language files.
  5. Display of the flag images are in same size.
  6. Added fix for saving the Y-Axis limit to the display template files.
  7. Added fix to list the measurements on the Graph Configure measurements tab correctly, when a new measurement is added to the list or when a NCOM or RCOM file is loaded to Display tab.
  8. Export to csv or kml file uses the same export dialog for single or multiple data files (NCOM or RCOM)
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