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OxTS UDP Server – Inertial+ measurements in more than one application

Software Releases September 2, 2011

OxTS is releasing a beta version of our UDP server for the Inertial+ and RT products. The UDP server will share the information from any Inertial+ and RT products so that several applications can access them at the same time.

The UDP port used to receive data from the Inertial+ and RT products can only be opened by one application at a time. Once the first application has opened the port, the next application cannot open it so it cannot get data from the network. Some of our applications, like Enginuity, don’t know that they have not opened the port and cannot display an error message to warn the user. This can be frustrating when no data is being received by the application.

The OxTS UDP Server installs as a service and opens the port when the computer starts. This ensures that no application can open the port before the server. When each application starts it will look for the OxTS UDP Server before it tries to open the port. If the server is there then it will get data from the server instead of from the port.

There are two main advantages to the user. When Enginuity is running i+config and RT-Config can still find out the IP address of the products on the network; they can receive packets from the products and “Get Settings…” will work. When there are two products on the network then Enginuity can be run twice and can be set up to receive packets from each RT. This was used in a recent test where the data from 4 products was logged on one computer at the same time.

The OxTS UDP Server will need access through the firewall, just like any of the other OxTS applications. However, once the server has access through the firewall, the other applications will be able to receive data without specific firewall access. Other functions, like sending commands (to reset the Inertial+ and RT) will still need access through the firewall.

Currently the OxTS UDP Server is a beta release. It is only installed as part of the beta releases of our software. Alternatively it can be installed separately and used with the normal software release. Once the server has been fully tested with all of the OxTS applications then it will be included with the full releases.

For more information on how to use the OxTS UDP server see the application note in the OxTS support hub here…

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