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RT-Range capabilities increased with new feature

Product News January 30, 2015

300_200_RT-RangeCAWe are pleased to announce the launch of the latest RT-Range system update.  This is a big one and based on popular customer requests.

The RT-Range is already one of the most comprehensive solutions for testing complex advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). OxTS has now further increased the system’s extensive feature list by adding the ability to handle the real-time display of CAN data through “in-house” real-time display software.

With this upgrade multiple RT, RT-Range and CAN measurement data is displayable within the OxTS real-time display software [CAN data is available where the RT device in the vehicle has the CAN acquisition feature enabled]. Data from the real-time display can also be logged right through to a sectioned & saved CSV file or post processed – all done by using completely in house OxTS data manipulation tools and graph visualisation software.

This means your OxTS equipment becomes a “one-stop shop” for all of your RT, RT-Range and CAN data acquisition needs, both real-time and post processing. Using just OxTS hardware and software, you are now able to collect, read, post-process and visualise all of your data using just OxTS software. Minimal equipment, maximum efficiency… All with the precision and performance you have come to expect from OxTS.

Here are some of the new features:
•    Load all CAN data within 5 seconds of finishing the test with minimal button clicks, using your own pre-saved templates, and plot a graph showing table using NAVgraph.
•    Display all real-time CAN data from multiple cars.
•    Plot any measurements specified in a given CAN dbc file.
•    Use colour to help visualise the difference between measurement fields.
•    Save (Log) all Ethernet and CAN data to one file.
•    Export saved (logged) data to one CSV file from your template and in your chosen format.
•    Post-process RD files and combine them into a single file that includes RT-Range data, RT data and CAN signals.
•    Export any CAN signal from any RT in NAVgraph alongside the RT-Range and RT data.

For more information about this exciting upgrade, please contact OxTS or your local OxTS representative who will be able to provide more information.


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