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RT software release April 2013 – Full list of changes

Software Releases May 7, 2013

Here is a full list of changes and new features for the latest RT software release in March 2013:

CAN acquisition

The latest version of RT Software Suite now gives users the opportunity to log up to 48 signals from a third-party CAN bus directly into an RT. It means important information—like when a vehicle alerts the driver to a potential collision, steering torque or steering angle (where available), can now be viewed in real-time along with inertial navigation measurements. Read the full news article about CAN acquisition…

gx/ix processing

The latest software release from OxTS sees the launch of gx/ix processing, an exciting new technology that makes it possible to achieve sub-metre accuracy in urban environments and increases the accuracy of the RT2500 and RT2502 by at least 40 per cent. Gx/ix processing is two standalone technologies (gx and ix), that are available in real-time and post-process. Read more about gx/ix processing…

Using differential corrections with gx/ix in RT Post-process

OxTS has updated RT Post-Process as part of the latest software release, meaning RINEX and RTCMv3 formatted base station data can now be applied in the new gx/ix mode. This update is particularly important for RT2500 and RT2502 users, as it is especially beneficial on these units. By applying differential correction data through the gx/ix processing algorithm, an RT2500 can now be post-processed to 90 cm CEP. This removes the need to pay for an OmniSTAR subscription or GrafNav license to achieve sub-metre accuracy. Read more…


With this release we have laid the groundwork for RT-Config to support multiple languages. We have translated the software in to German in the current release and we expect to add more languages in future releases. Our users can select the required language from the drop-down menu at the bottom of RT-Config. The translation of our software reflects our commitment to being a truly international company and shows our effort to make our products easy to use – anywhere in the world.

RT-Config – New visual appearance

RT-Config now has an improved visual appearance which should make the software easier and more intuitive to use. Images will provide a visual guidance for users to help with the orientation of the RT system in the vehicle, the orientation of the primary and secondary GPS antenna on the vehicle roof, as well as the “Advanced Slip” feature.

New CAN trigger message

RT products now output a new CAN trigger message which is configurable in RT-Config. Enginuity displays basic trigger information in the Calibration window.

RT Suite to support NMEA GPPPS message type

With the latest software release the RT systems can now output NMEA GPPPS messages over the serial port. The GPPPS (Pulse Per Second) is a non-standard NMEA message which is useful for integrating the RT with other devices such as cameras or laser scanners. This message, which is especially useful for system integrators, contains useful information such as the PPS count, the UTC time of the current PPS, and other time-related information.

New data format – XCOM

We have developed a new data format called XCOM which encapsulates/bundles CAN, NCOM and MCOM packets. When enabling the CAN acquisition feature in your RT system, the new XCOM format is output as well as NCOM. XCOM is now supported in Enginuity which means users can now view the acquired CAN data on their laptop or PC.

Firmware to configure and output time as GPS or UTC on CAN bus

RT products can now be configured to output time as GPS or UTC on the CAN bus. RT-Config has advanced options “-can_timeref_gps” and “-can_timeref_utc” to configure the time message output over the CAN bus either with reference to GPS time (default) or UTC time.

Added “Features” tab in Enginuity

We have added a “Features” tab to the Calibration window in Enginuity. This displays the status of features and their expiry date.

Added messages to Enginuity Calibration Window

New pages have been added to Enginuity’s Calibration Window which now shows tabs for Status, Navigation, CAN, and Features. The Status tab displays all the previously displayed measurements plus new messages for differential correction and CAN debug information. The Navigation tab displays a range of measurements for triggers, position, velocity, acceleration, orientation, and angular rates. The CAN tab will display the available CAN signals. The Features tab displays the list of potential features and their state e.g. whether it is enabled.

Enter base station location in XYZ coordinates into RT Post-process

Read base station position from RINEX file position in RT Post-process

Batch processing with forwards/backwards/combined data now possible from blended.exe

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