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Survey Trolley Trigger Switch

Product News June 14, 2010

200_Button_TrolleyThe RT-Range survey trolley now comes supplied with a trigger switch, making it quick to mark a point on a line survey.

The easiest way to survey a line is to go to the start, choose whether the points should be placed every 0.5m, 1m or 2m then activate the “auto add” feature. When the survey trolley is pushed, the software will add points a fixed distance apart. However, most roads are painted with dashed lines and it can be better to drop points at the start and end of each dashed line. This can be done with the mouse but in bright sunlight it can be difficult to see the screen and click the right button.

The trigger switch button on the survey trolley is a quick way of dropping points at the start and end of each line. Sound confirmation from the computer lets you know that the point has been added. Using the trigger button surveys can be conducted quicker and more accurately.


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