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Updated RT now achieve 1 cm accuracy

Product News July 10, 2014

300_RTv2OxTS is delighted to announce from June 2014 we will be launching a new generation of RT sensors that can achieve 1 cm RTK accuracy both in real-time and post-process instead of the 2 cm accuracy of previous models. The revised products—even those not capable of RTK accuracy, also support all existing and planned satellite constellations ensuring reliable and on-going operation for many years to come.

Perhaps more importantly in the current economic climate, our engineers have realised this improvement without increasing costs, so there is no price increase attached to this improved position accuracy. The change gives the products an even better price/performance ratio, whether they’re linked to our RT-Range system for testing ADAS equipment or used for complexvehicle dynamics tests.

For continuity, the new 2nd generation sensors retain the same product names as before but a v2 suffix will be added to make the distinction clear. All sensors in the RT2000, RT3000 and RT4000 family—except the RT2500s, will be superseded.

While 1st generation RT sensors will cease to be sold as new from June, they will still be supported as before for customers with and without service contracts. It’s also important to point out that the new 2nd generation RT sensors are fully compatible with the previous generation RTs. For example, customers who already use 1st generation sensors as part of an RT-Range network in ADAS testing will be able to seamlessly add 2nd generation sensors as their needs grow. The only significant change is for customers using LBAND services to achieve 10 cm accuracy as the 2nd generation systems now support TerraStar corrections, instead of OmniSTAR.

For more information on how the 1 cm accuracy of the new 2nd generation products can benefit your application, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your regional OxTS representative or email OxTS directly via

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