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Webinar: Introduction to NAVconfig: device-configuration software

Webinars February 3, 2021 Webinar

Join Erik Brooks, Regional Support Engineer at OxTS, for an introduction into how to perform a best practice installation and configuration of your OxTS RT device. The session will focus on the use of NAVconfigOxTS’ device-configuration software. 

We recommend this session for new users who want to get familiar with NAVconfig, for everyday use. 

After attending, you’ll: 

  • Be familiar with how to install and setup an OxTS INS, using NAVconfig. 
  • Get answers to any questions you have regarding installation and setup. 
  • Be prepared to perform an installation and setup with confidence. 

NAVconfig support from OxTS



If you missed this session, you can watch a recording via this link.



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