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Application Engineering delivers ‘OxTS inside’ levels of accuracy and flexibility

Company News April 11, 2018

OxTS’ products are setting the standard for GNSS-aided INS and position measuring equipment in both the automotive and the surveying and mapping sectors, but some customers require a more bespoke INS solution. Working with our Application Engineering department, customers are benefiting from a hands-on development partnership tailored specifically to their project’s requirements.

Most recently, the Application Engineering team liaised with leading automotive test system and equipment manufacturer AB Dynamics on the development of its new LaunchPad pilotable platform for vulnerable road user (VRU) targets. LaunchPad incorporates a modified version of OxTS’ xOEM550 INS board set, a small and lightweight GNSS-aided 3-D navigation solution that has the flexibility to be integrated into a variety of products.

The compact xOEM board set is ideal for space-limited or weight-restricted applications. Despite its size – it weighs from just 120 g and will sit in the palm of your hand – the xOEM incorporates high-grade MEMS gyros for centimetre-level positioning and can offer exceptional orientation accuracy. The xOEM board sets can also be integrated with third-party products, such as GNSS receivers, sensors or cameras, making it perfect for bespoke applications in custom engineering projects.

AB Dynamics approached OxTS when they needed an INS to fit within the ultra-low and compact dimensions of the LaunchPad platform. Using existing OxTS technology, and allied to new GNSS antennae which Application Engineering sourced and tested specifically for use in the LaunchPad, we were able to fulfil AB Dynamics’ needs.

Application Engineering’s ability to customise OxTS technology from being almost what the customer needs into an end solution tailored exactly for them gives the flexibility to deliver ‘OxTS inside’ levels of accuracy whatever the product.

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Images courtesy of AB Dynamics

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