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ISO17025-accredited GNSS/INS calibrations now available in the EU!

Company News January 24, 2024

We’re pleased to announce that OxTS GmbH has officially been accredited to offer ISO17025 certified calibrations from our laboratory in Augsburg, Germany.



The in-territory GNSS/INS calibration service, launched in November 2023, is the only EU-based service able to recentre OxTS GNSS/INS devices to advertised specification and the new ISO17025 accreditation enables the traceability of measurements back to national standards.

This is what you can expect from our calibration service in Augsburg:

  • Official OxTS Service: Our OxTS GmbH team uses specialised OxTS-approved equipment and processes to perform IMU testing and adjustments, allowing you to demonstrate that your equipment measures data within specified accuracies.
  • IMU adjustments completed in Augsburg, Germany: Your OxTS INS product will undergo careful IMU adjustments to ensure the device meets specifications without leaving the EU.
  • Fast turnaround: We understand that time is of the essence and are committed to providing a fast, local service, aiming to return all devices within a week of receipt.
  • Certified service: The OxTS GmbH calibration service offers the same certification standard as the OxTS Ltd service to ensure the continuity of your quality assurance processes.

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