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PTP & gPTP Master/Client functionality available now

Company News February 7, 2024

OxTS GNSS/INS now support Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and generic Precision Time Protocol (gPTP) master and client time-synchronisation capability.

PTP, or Precision Time Protocol, is an accurate time-synchronisation method designed to align the clocks of multiple devices with a singular time source. OxTS GNSS/INS has long facilitated the provision of time to other networked systems through PTP. The latest NAVsuite, version 3.10, introduces an enhanced ‘Master’ functionality using generalised Precision Time Protocol (gPTP). Moreover, OxTS GNSS/INS now offer the capability to receive time from external devices via both PTP and gPTP.


Download NAVsuite 3.10


This means you now have more freedom to choose the preferred time source for your network and it is easier to integrate an OxTS GNSS/INS into an existing platform where a master clock is already in place.




Why are PTP and gPTP important?


What is NAVsuite?

We dont believe in charging extra for the software needed to run your OxTS GNSS/INS. NAVsuite is OxTS’ complimentary GNSS/INS configuration, analysis and post-processing tool. It is included free of charge, with every purchase of an OxTS device and includes four key applications that you will need to help you manage your INS.


NAVsuite line-up


  • NAVconfig is used to help you configure your OxTS GNSS/INS. A step-by-step wizard ensures you apply all the essential inputs to make your calibration easier and your data as accurate as possible.
  • NAVdisplay allows you to monitor your navigation data in real-time. Using our ready made templates, you can immediately see the measurements that matter to you, across any devices live on your network.  
  • NAVsolve is our powerful post-processing application. Once you’ve collected your data, NAVsolve provides a number of functions designed to quickly extract the measurements you need with minimum effort, whether on single or multiple files.
  • NAVgraph enables you to plot, analyse and export your navigation data after your test. It allows you to read OxTS formatted data and display it in graphical form, perfect for troubleshooting.

What else is in NAVsuite 3.10?

New Generic Aiding Data GUI available in NAVsolve

The OxTS Generic Aiding Data (GAD) interface allows a customer to feed external sensor data into their OxTS GNSS/INS navigation engine to support the development of autonomous vehicles. With the launch of NAVsuite 3.10, users can add GAD data in NAVsolve using a newly created Graphical User Interface (GUI).

New export to SBET feature in NAVsolve

SBET.out is the Applanix processed navigation data file format. The file format is supported by many third-party data analysis software tools. NAVsuite 3.10 enables OxTS GNSS/INS users to export their navigation data file in SBET format for use alongside third-party data analysis tools.

Flexible Navigation

PCAP data now available to view in new GUI.

PCAP data logging is important for analysing network performance and tracking down potential issues. New, in NAVsuite 3.10 is the ability to view PCAP data from within a newly designed GUI in NAVconfig. The new GUI will streamline and speed up the time taken to diagnose network performance issues.

Open-Road Groundtruthing Solution Brief

Accurate groundtruth reference data needs a robust localisation solution; a tool that records the position, orientation and dynamics of your vehicle at anytime, anywhere.

PTP and gPTP can play a key role in helping open-road data collection vehicles collect the most accurate data possible.

This solution brief steps through the aspects that we recommend our customers consider when deciding on their source of localisation for open-road vehicle testing.

Read the solution brief to learn how you can use an OxTS GNSS/INS to validate how your ADAS/AV systems work in the real world.


Open-road groundtruthing

Download NAVsuite 3.10

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