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Customer case study: Panpro Team

Customer Stories November 9, 2023

Panpro builds a successful new road safety business based on powerful integration of LiDAR and accurate georeferencing tools from OxTS.

Panpro Team had spotted a gap in the road construction industry, and a golden opportunity to improve road safety, by providing traffic authorities with data about sight distance (the distance a driver can see ahead or behind them) on their road networks. Using that data, authorities could use signage to improve road safety on existing roads, and plan new roads with these distances in mind.

Panpro had an innovative solution for mapping and simulating these distances using pointcloud data – but the team needed a way to accurately georeference its pointcloud data to maximise its effectiveness and the solution’s affordability.


Panpro Team Datasheet




Panpro had an idea, a plan, and a LiDAR scanner. What they were missing was something to tie those things together.

LiDAR was chosen as the best technology to support Panpro’s traffic safety because of its ability to provide precise measurements of an environment. By scanning road networks with the LiDAR, Panpro’s team could create a pointcloud which could be used to measure distances between any two points – a car and a bend, for instance, or a car and an overhanging tree branch. From that, the team could quickly identify areas on a road where the driver’s line of sight was less than required for the speed limit, leading to unsafe conditions.

The missing component of the solution was a way to tie the pointcloud to a geodetic model of the earth – or georeferencing. Without it, none of Panpro’s data could be easily applied to the earth, making its solution drastically less practical and useful.

Panpro team needed a solution that would let them georeference pointclouds quickly so they could deliver on time for clients, and accurately so that their work would be of the highest quality. Ideally, the solution would also be as costeffective as possible, allowing Panpro to price their new service competitively.


Download the case study to learn how Panpro Team used LiDAR technology to provide clients with highly accurate driver sight distances on road networks at a large scale with OxTS’ xNAV650 INS alongside with OxTS’ Georeferencer and boresight calibration tool.


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