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Indoor positioning solution for vehicle testing without GNSS signal availability

Product News July 23, 2018

OxTS has brought its centimetre-level-accurate measurement technology under cover with the arrival of its new indoor positioning system. Developed in collaboration with automotive test system supplier AB Dynamics, it is designed to be used in an enclosed environment where a satellite-aided inertial navigation system can’t function.

The indoor positioning system is designed to address the growing need for vehicle manufacturers to develop and evaluate increasingly sophisticated ADAS and autonomous driving functions in controlled conditions. A suitably sized indoor facility provides an environment that isn’t weather dependent and in which tests can be carried out repeatably. It also allows for night-time testing during the day, in acknowledgement of new NCAP test protocols that will include the assessment of forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking systems for pedestrian avoidance in darkness.

Under these conditions the need for centimetre-level-accurate positioning and measurement remains, but a satellite-aided inertial navigation system, such as OxTS’ existing RT-series, can’t operate indoors. The new indoor positioning system provides an innovative solution. It comprises a development of the RT1003 inertial navigation system, updated with new firmware and mounted to the test vehicle externally via a bespoke frame.

The mounting frame incorporates two light sensors that are able to detect a specially developed retro-reflective strip material, which is fixed to the test site floor. Also included is a checker board-marked mat, which is used to initialise measurements with a starting position and heading via a NAVsuite plug-in.

OxTS’ indoor positioning system combines data from the RT’s inertial measurement unit with absolute positioning information provided via the light sensors as they detect the pre-surveyed retro-reflective strips to provide real-time, centimetre-level-accurate data.

The system is offered with a full hands-on installation service by OxTS engineers, including an on-site survey, retro-reflective strip positioning, system set-up and configuration and customer training.

Watch the reflective strip aiding indoor positioning technology here:


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