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Latest firmware release adds Beidou

Software Releases August 13, 2018

OxTS latest firmware release adds Beidou support on RT2000/3000/4000 products as well as improved RTK coverage. Along with the software enhancements of NAVsuite 2.2, there are also new firmware releases that bring additional enhancements to the OxTS INS products.

Firmware releases include:

180716q0 – RT2002,3000,4000 and Survey+ products (rtbns)

180606 – RT1000, xNAV products (xbns)

New features in rtbns

  • Auto switch of rx and gx/ix modes (beta) for improved RTK coverage
  • Beidou support using Novatel OEM6 GNSS receivers

New features in xbns

  • Auto switch of rx and gx/ix modes (beta) for improved RTK coverage
  • Indoor navigation support for GNSS deprived test environment

Maximise RTK coverage with RTK Switch processing

With this firmware release, for both rtbns and xns products, OxTS are pleased to announce further improvements to our inertial navigation systems. ‘RTK Switch’ technology increases the amount of time you spend in RTK position modes by switching between receiver-based RTK calculated positions and OxTS’ tightly coupled gx/ix RTK solution. As you drive through different environments where satellite visibility varies, RTK Switch mode will choose which solution is best in real-time.

What is gx/ix?

OxTS gx/ix technology is a powerful GNSS/inertial tight-coupling technology developed to take full advantage of OxTS’ extensive knowledge and experience in GNSS and inertial integration, Kalman filtering, and navigation processing. In blocked and obstructed GNSS environments like urban canyons, gx/ix can help maintain accuracy and improve data robustness to maximise the time spent within spec in difficult conditions.

What is RTK Switch mode?

While gx/ix can greatly improve performance in difficult GNSS environments, in open sky conditions it’s not always better than the standard loosely coupled receiver processing (rx). For users collecting data in mixed environments where they may transition between open sky and obstructed areas, RTK Switch mode will detect which processing mode provides the best solution between gx/ix or rx, and automatically switch to that solution in the navigation outputs.

How much improvement does RTK Switch add?

RTK Switch mode is about trying to maximise the time spent in RTK by optimising the solution with the methods already available. Results will vary based on the test environment and conditions, but based on mixed data sets evaluated by OxTS, improvements of around 5-10% time spent in RTK can be expected.

How to enable RTK Switch mode

Since this is a beta release of RTK Switch mode, it is not yet configurable through the NAVconfig GUI. For users wishing to test the functionality and help OxTS verify the improvements, please contact the OxTS support team  for how to enable it through advanced settings.


ADAS testing any time of day, all year round with Indoor Positioning

Many ADAS tests require multiple repeated runs in controlled consistent environmental conditions. Upcoming standards like the IIHS headlight tests currently have to be performed at night due to light requirements. With the new Indoor Positioning feature supported in the xbns firmware release, test houses are able to expand their testing to indoor facilities where environmental and lighting conditions are much easier to control.


Beidou constellation support for increased coverage in Asia-Pacific

The RT2002, RT3000 series, RT4000 series, and Survey+ series of inertial navigation systems are now capable of supporting the Beidou GNSS constellation in addition to GPS and GLONASS. Beidou support increases satellite availability in the Asia-Pacific region. With more potential satellites available to track, there should be more visible overhead at any time. This will improve the robustness of the navigation solution especially in urban environments where visibility of the sky can be obstructed.

Beidou is not currently supported in gx/ix processing mode. Support on the RT1003 and xNAV products will arrive later this year.


Free for customers with an OxTS Maintenance Agreement

  • OxTS devices purchased after today will be shipped with these latest features.
  • Existing customers with a valid OxTS Maintenance Agreement are entitled to update their device firmware free of charge.
  • If you do not have a valid OxTS Maintenance Agreement then you may purchase this upgrade separately. Contact OxTS or email for a quotation.


How to upgrade

If you would like to update your device(s) with this latest feature, contact our support team:

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