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NAVsuite software release December 2013 – Full list of changes

Software Releases January 30, 2014

Here is the full list of changes, updates, and new features for the latest software release: the new NAVsuite package.

New NAVsuite installer

With our recent diversification and expansion of product offering, our software package has grown and evolved too. The old RT software suite has been replaced with the new NAVsuite package, which includes some big changes and improvements.

New configuration software – NAVconfig

The old RTconfig and i+config programs, used to set up and configure OxTS inertial navigation systems, have been combined and overhauled to create the new NAVconfig. Now with support for all our GNSS/INS products, the simple wizard will take you through the steps to get the most out of your system for any application. Read more…

New and improved analysis software – NAVgraph

The other big change with NAVsuite is the replacement of RT-View with the much more extensive graphing and analysis tool, NAVgraph. View more measurements than ever before including CAN data and RT-Range measurements side by side, customise the graph display to make viewing your data clear and easy, and export your data to CSV and Google Earth format (KML). Read more…

Support for new products

In 2013 OxTS introduced a number of brand new product lines such as the Survey+ family, the xNAV200, and our OEM product offering. All products are supported in the complete NAVsuite package, including RT Post-process and Enginuity.

Improve heading with longer baseline

The dual antenna search algorithms have been improved and now support and antenna separation of up to 5 m, increased from 2 m previously. This means that for all dual antenna systems, excluding the RT2502 and xNAV200, heading accuracy can be improved to 0.05° with a 4 m separation. Heading may also improve further with an antenna baseline beyond 4 m. The RT2502 and xNAV200 heading accuracy can be increased up to 0.06°.

gxRTK support added

OxTS’ custom processing algorithm, gx/ix, is now compatible with RTK corrections in post-processing. With the gxRTK upgrade, RT Post-process can now use RTCMv3 or RINEX format corrections to process data with 2 cm position accuracy, making it the most competitively priced processing software on the market. Read more…

Set options with XML file

For our OEM customers who customise their OEM product to suit the needs of their system, altering the options available in NAVconfig is a must. This is now possible by editing an XML file to modify the default options shown, either hiding options that should not be changed by the end user or adding options to configure optional extras. Read our technical note to find out how…

New NMEA message support added

We have increased our support for NMEA 0183 messages and have added $PRDID, $GPROT, $GPGGK, and $GPUTC to the list of messages that can be output over serial port.

New formats added for serial output

As well as new NMEA message support, we have also added some new message formats. Serial output formats now also include MCOM, TSS1, TSSHHRP, Simrad EM1000, and Simrad EM3000. These are some commonly used formats in the marine industry while MCOM is a proprietary format similar to our standard NCOM format, but with the addition of heave output. For more information on products specifically designed for marine applications, please visit the CodaOctopus website.

Log XCOM files in Enginuity

The real-time display software Enginuity now supports logging of XCOM files. XCOM is a data format from OxTS that combines the standard NCOM data with CAN signals captured with a CAN acquisition enabled RT system. When an RT is broadcasting XCOM a user can set up test conditions, such as a start and stop line, and log and save the data in a separate file. This is useful for cutting down long sessions into smaller more relevant chunks and allows quick viewing of specific areas of a session.

Free with new products

All new products are shipped with the latest software release free of charge. Customers on a support contract can also get access to the latest software and firmware as they are released, meaning their products stay up to date with the latest features and functionality.

For more information about any of the features listed, or to find out more about a support contract, contact us now.

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