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OxTS are exhibiting and presenting at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum

Company News February 2, 2018

OxTS are exhibiting and presenting at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum in Denver, Colorado February 5th – 8th 2018. We’re interested in meeting with companies involved in land-based and aerial survey projects to discuss how our GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems are providing accurate georeferencing data around the world. 

The OxTS Applications Team specialise in taking on INS integration projects with system integrators looking for accurate and efficient georeferencing solutions for survey. We have experience in software and hardware integrations with a focus on reducing errors in data and improving efficiency in the point cloud creation process. Our dual-antenna, RTK-capable GNSS/INS systems capture position (0.01 m), heading (0.1°) and pitch and roll (0.03°) data up to 100 Hz.  

We have recent developments to share with delegates, including: 

  • gx/ix RTK – Our tightly-coupled single-satellite aiding and re-lock technology is now available for users in real-time. This means RTK PP quality data in real-time. 
  • NAVsolve – Our new post-processing software, aimed at speeding up the post-processing workflow for users processing data to improve accuracies. 

Richard Sands, OxTS Applications Engineer, will be presenting in the conference programme at 10.30am on 7th February. Richard’s presentation covers specific techniques used to reduce INS position and orientation errors, including a calibration technique to determine boresight alignment of LiDAR. System integrators in the survey industry should attend this presentation to hear how 3D point cloud data can be captured with minimal fuss by using specifically developed integration tools to automate the georeferencing process and to reduce mechanical alignment errors. 

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