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OxTS RT-Range 2022 is now available

Company News January 6, 2022

Download RT-Range Suite 2022 to make use of new measurement options and usability enhancements.

This upgrade provides users with improved configuration interfaces, and new measurements for more comprehensive validation of Automated Parking and Park Assist features.

What is RT-Range Suite?

RT-Range Suite enables users to configure, monitor and analyse accurate V2V and V2L ADAS test scenarios. The software suite is available free of charge and is compatible with industry safety standards such as EURO NCAP, IIHS and others.

What's new in RT-Range 2022?

New measurements for validating Automated Parking and Park Assist features

With RT-Range Suite 2022, users can better validate how well their automated parking and park assist features have executed a parking manoeuvre.

For the first time, users can confirm if the vehicle is positioned straight and centrally within a parking bay with the new polygon centre-point feature. This outputs the heading of the vehicle relative to the space, as well as the distance between the centre of the vehicle and the centre of the parking bay.

Existing distance-to-target measurements are still available to validate that the vehicle maintains a safe distance to adjacent vehicles and other objects throughout the manoeuvre.

Screenshot of polygon centre-point feature
Screenshot of polygon centre-point feature in RT-Range 2022

Usability improvements and bug fixes

These improvements and updates include making it easier to connect to a single “Hunter” device when multiple are present on the same network, as well as allowing the use of ruler cursors to configure polygon origin/sensor points.

Want to learn more about RT-Range Suite 2022?

To learn more about RT-Range Suite 2022, register for the RT-Range Suite 2022 webinar which will take place at 14:00 hrs (GMT) on Wednesday 12th January 2022

OxTS Product Engineer, Robert Gough, will explain what’s new in more detail and answer any questions that you may have.

After attending the webinar, you will:

  • Understand what’s new in RT-Range Suite 2022.
  • Be familiar with how the new polygon centre-point feature is configured and used.
  • Have answers to any RT-Range Suite questions you may have.

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