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Unique RT-Range features

Product News August 6, 2012

200_RT-Range_WhiteThe RT-Range is the most comprehensive solution for verifying and testing advanced driver assistance systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning systems. We have equipped over 60 vehicles with RT-Range units world-wide, making the RT-Range the leading product for ADAS testing. The RT-Range is especially suitable for the most demanding and complicated tests (i.e. with multiple vehicles). Here is a list of unique features:

General features:

  • Almost 100 RT-Range units in use world-wide
  • Real-time output on CAN bus
  • Can be used on public roads
  • Compatible with the new, cost-effective RT2002 and RT2004 products
  • Graphical presentation of the vehicle positions with Bird’s Eye View window

Vehicle-to-vehicle features:

  • Target vehicles represented as polygons (read more…)
  • Ability to recognise hidden target vehicles (read more…)
  • 3D range calculations (read more…)
  • Measures percentage of target that is visible
  • Highly accurate vehicle-to-vehicle measurements
  • Tests with up to 5 vehicles are possible (read more… )
  • Measures range to a fixed point (stationary object)
  • With our unique backpack system, tests with pedestrians and motorcyclists are possible (read more… )
  • Can be used with the ABD in-vehicle robots for autonomous tests (read more…)
  • Time-to-collision measurements (
  • Time gap output to know the “time gap” between the vehicles
  • The position of the radar/sensor on the Hunter can be defined at any location. Similarly, the measurement point(s) on the Target can be defined at any point. There is no need to mount the RT3000 products at special locations in the vehicle.
  • Longitudinal offset for balloon car testing (read more…)
  • Uses wireless LAN so that the full vehicle dynamics of the target vehicles can be measured in the hunter vehicle
  • Multiple measurement points on the Target vehicle can be chosen

Lane position features:

  • Lane curvature measurements (read more…)
  • Lane direction (angle of the vehicle within the lane) (read more…)
  • Measures lane position for three positions in the vehicle
  • It is the only ADAS testing product that accurately measures lane position on curved roads
  • RT-Range supports up to 8 lanes
  • Measures velocity and acceleration compared to the lane markings
  • Includes lane surveying software and map generation software
  • RT-Range can displace the measurement position for lane measurements using roll, pitch and heading
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