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The OxTS xNAV650 INS is now available!

Company News March 29, 2021

Affordable, lightweight Inertial Navigation System for applications where size and weight matter.

The xNAV650 is OxTS’ smallest, lightest and most affordable Inertial Navigation System (INS) yet.

Combining over 20 years of navigation experience with cutting edge MEMS IMU sensors and survey-grade GNSS receivers, the xNAV650 INS provides surveyors with reliable and precise measurements that they can use in many survey and mapping applications.

The xNAV650 is our most competitively priced INS yet. With hardware bundles starting at under £8000, the xNAV650 provides surveyors with high-quality inertial and position data even when budgets are limited – Request a quote

The measurements provided by the xNAV650 can be combined, using OxTS Georeferencer, with data from other devices, such as LiDAR sensors, to georeference their output. This data fusion helps reduce survey set-up time, increase survey repeatability, improve final results and most importantly increase return on survey investment.

Introducing the xNAV650 Inertial Navigation System

The xNAV650 is the ideal partner for applications where size and weight matter.

Providing highly-accurate and reliable navigation data for multiple applications, the xNAV650 INS is an important component of a full surveying solution.

Whether you’re surveying critical infrastructure, forests, buildings or any other object, the xNAV650 will provide you with the inertial measurements you need.

To learn more watch the short two minute introduction video here.


watch the video CTA

When size, weight and affordability matter!

The xNAV650 is the optimal partner for survey applications where payload size and weight is an important consideration.

Despite weighing just 130 g, and measuring only 77 x 63 x 24 mm, the xNAV650 provides surveyors with everything they need to help them build a complete navigation solution including:

  • Cutting edge MEMS IMU sensors
  • Survey-grade GNSS receivers
  • Internal storage
  • Real-time processor

All of this packed into our smallest form factor to date and with hardware bundles starting at under £8000 you no longer need to let budget be a barrier to success!


Request a quote

xNAV650 Size Comparison Image - Grey Background

Small form factor - high performance

Despite it’s small form factor, the xNAV650 doesn’t compromise on performance.


xNAV650 Accuracies

One INS - Unlimited integration possibilities

Surveyors using the OxTS xNAV650 INS can confidently fuse the data from their INS with the data from almost any LiDAR sensor.

Using OxTS Georeferencer it is possible to georeference pointclouds from multiple sensors, enabling surveyors to build a full navigation solution of INS, processing software and LiDAR.

Learn more about how the OxTS xNAV650 works alongside the LiDAR sensor manufacturers below.


A global leader in LiDAR technology

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High-resolution LiDAR sensors

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Velodyne Lidar

Highly accurate LiDAR solutions

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Zoller & Fröhlich

Leading supplier of 2D and 3D terrestrial and mobile laser scanners

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Webinar: The new xNAV650 INS is here!

OxTS xNAV650 Launch Webinar

The xNAV650 is our smallest and lightest Inertial Navigation System to date!

Despite weighing just 130 g and measuring only 77 x 63 x 22 mm, the xNAV650 combines the latest cutting edge IMU and GNSS technology, and has been designed for use in multiple applications where size, weight and power are critical considerations, but accuracy is still essential.

On Thursday, 22nd April we presented a webinar introducing our latest INS. During the session we covered several key topics including:

  • The accuracy and key features of the xNAV650
  • Applications for which the xNAV650 can be used
  • OxTS complimentary technology (PPK post-processing and more)

If you missed the webinar you can watch it back here…


Watch the Recording

OxTS xNAV650 Datasheet

Get a closer look at the xNAV650 by downloading the datasheet.

Learn more about the possible applications for which the xNAV650 can be used, why the xNAV650 is the ideal partner for these applications and get a more in depth look at the product specifications.


Download Datasheet


xNAV650 Datasheet

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) - now available

PTP - Globe Image

With the release of the xNAV650, PTP is now also available on all OxTS next generation INS devices.

By using PTP on all compatible devices users can:

  • Stamp out time drift – the main cause of pointcloud blurring and double-vision
  • Take advantage of a simple ethernet ‘plug-and-play’ set-up


Learn more about PTP

Contact us about the xNAV650 INS

The xNAV650 can be used in an almost limitless number of applications. From road surveys to map creation, building information modelling and more.

If you have an application that you think would benefit from the highly-accurate and reliable inertial measurements provided by the xNAV650, complete the form here and we will be happy to discuss your project.

Alternatively, if you would like a quote, complete the form and the OxTS channel partner covering your region will be in touch.


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